Towing capacity of towable vehicles

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Apr 22, 2005
I own a Four Winds Five Thoasand 28A that I use to travel for my work in the film industry. I currently am towing a standard shift Ford Ranger but need something with more passenger/cargo room and as much of its own tow capicity as possible. Many of my projects are associated with the water and require me to tow a 25 foot boat, ideally with the RV and at times with the vehicle that I tow behind the RV. The boat weights 4300 lbs plus the weight of the trailer. Is there a vehicle that can do both. Tow behind the RV and at other times tow the boat?
You will have to learn the towing specs of your motorhome to answer that question.  You need to know is GCWR, its actual weight when loaded for a trip (get it weighed at a commercail scale) and the rating of the hitch on the motorhome.  With those three numbers you can determine how heavy a vehicle you can tow and use that to figure out what vehicles will comply with your limits.

On that size motorhome, the hitch is likely a 4000 lb rating (or less), so that may be your limiting factor.
I use a 4 wheel drive Tahoe to pull my boat (about the same weight class as yours).  I also use the Tahoe as a toad behind my RV since it tows 4 down without any modification. May not work for you as the Tahoe is 6000 pounds plus, and might be over your towing limit.
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