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May 18, 2018
What is the smallest motor home I could use to tow a Jeep jk unlimited. I want to do this safely.


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May 7, 2015
Western Kentucky
This depends on several factors.  The main ones are weight.

How much does the Jeep weigh, including what you may carry inside when traveling?

Make sure the tow capacity of the proposed RV is bigger than this.  Some may have tow capacities as low as 3,000#, other small class C will be 5,000#.  Read the label on the RV.  DO NOT  trust the salesman who says, "sure, you can tow it!"

The other number is GCWR - Gross Combined Weight Rating - the total weight of the loaded RV and loaded Jeep.

Keeping math simple, the RV may be rated at 18,000 GVWR, 21,000 GCWR and have a Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) of 3,000.This means a dry wt of 15,000 for the RV.
If you add 3000# of cargo to the RV, you are limited to a 3,000 toad. (15K dry, 3K cargo, 3K Toad = 21K)
However, with 1500# of cargo, you have room for a 4500# toad (15K dry, 1.5K cargo, 4.5K toad = 21K)

You will find weights all over the map, depending on the RV chassis and engine, weight of the body, tire size, etc.  You are looking for a larger motor / tires with a smaller body.

Hope this helps.
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