Towing Pontiac G-6

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Jun 1, 2005
Is anyone out there towing a Pontiac G-6 four down? I am curently  in the process of having one set up and am concerned about what if anything needs to be done as far  removing any fuses. I understand that this may have to be done with a Chev Malibu but am not sure. The two vehicle are based on the same running gear. The Pontiac manual says nothing about having to remove any fuses. The dealer had no personal experience and was not much help. He simply read me the procedure from the manual which basically says put trans in neutral and turn ingition to acc.  and tow it away. Had someone on another forum state that fuse#20 has to be removed, but it doesn't say that in the book. ??????

Our first toad was a '99 Pontiac Grand Am. In the owner's manual, the instructions for 4 down towing included the removal of 4 fuses. Unfortunately, the 4 fuses identified were not the correct ones and the battery was replaced after being run down twice  :( Eventually GM got the fuse issue right and maybe when it designed the G6 was able to get back to the simplicity of the Saturn when it first became a popular tow car.

I would go with the owner's manual on the G6 but stay in touch with the service dept manager for factory bulletins ;) ;) If the battery dies, the factory would have to replace it under warranty since you followed the manual.
Spoke with a Pontiac tech today. He believes there was a mistake in the printing of the 2005 Owners manual and the part about removing the fuse was left out. He is checking for a service bulletin and is supposed to advise me. He thinks only one fuse needs to be removed.
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