Towingn an Airstream

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Jan 13, 2013
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New to the site and looking for Help with an auto to tow an RV.  We want to purchase a 23' Airstream about 6000 GVWR.  looking at Tahoes.  Any other suggestions? Is the standard towing package enough.
Each vehicle you look at will have a Max Tow Rating and possible a GCWR as well. That rating can vary a lot depending on the exact model chosen, e..g different engine, transmission, rear axle, etc.  GM and Ford both publish towing guides for each years models, but Trailer Life magazine does one that covers most brands as well. Chrysler (Ram) should have a tow guide too, but I've only seen the digital look-up application on their website.

To get into the 6000 lb class, you probably need a full size SUV like the Tahoe/Suburban or Ford Expedition or E350 van or a pick-up truck (a crew cab model has plenty of seating if that is a requirement).

Here is a link to some Trailer Life towing guides that might help.
my cousin has an chev envoy. he wanted to move his camper out to his cottage but had never towed it since he bought it. i told him to get his manual and see what it was rated to tow. i was very suprised to find it was rated the same as my f150 ford 4x4. his envoy has 300 hp and was rated for 11000 lbs. not bad for an suv

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