Toy hauler floor problems

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Toy Hauler

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Mar 14, 2005
Bought a Wanderer Wagon 327 WTB toy hauler last April.  While in for service a few months ago, it was pointed out to me that my floors were bending downward outside each of the main structural beams, basically the outside 15 to 18 inches.  At the main entry door, the floors dropped almost 3/4 inch from the structural member to the wall, again over a distance of just 15 to 18 inches.  Very noticeable bow appearance across the floor of the unit. 

Thor-California actually admitted on the phone that they were having problems with newer units because they recently widened them 6 inches, and the structural outriggers were not strong enough to support the weight distribution 3 inches further outside the main structural beams on each side.  They had Lippert, who makes their chassis (I guess you call it) come out and beef up the outriggers.  Lippert did a half baked job, and still noticeable bowing.  Thor said that more support was needed and that they would have Lippert come out again.

I told them that I either wanted a 5 year extended warranty on the structural frame and flooring, else do not have Lippert come back out, and Thor instead buy back the trailer.  As expected, no response.  They sent Lippert back out to do more welding.  Still some bowing present.

My concerns are related to the structural integrity of the marine grade plywood after it has been bent to the extent it has, and whether the trailer should be considered permanently damaged.  Is the flooring as sound as it was prior to the bowing.  Common sense says no, and that the strength of the flooring has been damaged. 

Are there third party companies out there who can look this over and tell me if this should be a buyback unit?  Do RV appraisers do this, and how reliable is there testimony going against manufacturers?

Thanks for your help.


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Jan 29, 2005
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Toy Hauler,

Others might have a better idea but if it were me I would go to an RV Dealer and try to find out how much they would discout the tradein value do to the apparent damage.  You also might be able to get an opinion from them as to what should be done to correct the problem and if it can be corrected.

I'm sure others here will have some ideas too.

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