Toy Hauler Travel Trailer advice

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Sep 18, 2018
Hi! We are planning a road trip in the new few weeks and wanted to purchase an RV but have no idea where to start! All we know is that we want a toy hauler travel trailer. Any advice on make, model?!?! I think I want to stay below 40K. We are in Austin, Texas and suggestions on your favorite dealer around here will be appreciated. Willing to travel to get a good deal! Towing with a 2017 Silverado
Find out what your tow vehicle can tow...
check out the Library and read some of the towing threads on here....

You are limited to what your tow vehicle can "safely" tow...
I am putting "safely" in "" because manufacturer bragging and actual safe towing in multiple types of conditions are two very different things.

Best of luck in your search!
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