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blueblood said:

Toyo has obviously been co-named with National  by too many plaintifs.
Jeff /Washington said:
Toyo has obviously been co-named with National? by too many plaintifs.

Two folks on another forum reportedly sent e-mails to Toyo asking about this and received replies saying Toyo tires should not be used on an RV. No brand mentioned just no RV.
I have seen elsewhere a response from Toyo concerning  this service bulletin.  The gist of it was two points and not really illumintaing: (1) Toyo has never designated any tire model as an "RV tire" and (2) the bulletin was an advisory to their dealers and not a public warning.

Given that they bothered to issue it at all, I'm inclined to think that Jeff is close to the mark: Toyo has either been co-named in a suit or made part of the NHTSC investigation.
Hi Leo,

That's very interesting since Country Coach has used Toyo tires for years on all of their coaches!
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