Trailer Life Tow Ratings for Dodge 2500

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Apr 14, 2008
Baltimore MD
Just got my copy of the 2103 Trailer Life Towing Guide, and I looked up a truck set up that I'm considering.

It's a Dodge Ram 2500 with Hemi 5.7 engine, and 4.10 rear axle ratio.  With the 6 speed automatic transmission, this set up is rated at over 14,000 lb for towing.  I know.. it sounds really high, but it was about the same last year.

Here's the question:  For towing a 5th wheel that weighs in at 7000 lb, how well will this rig do in the Rockies?  How about at 10, or 12,000 feet?  I know you lose power for every 1000 feet of altitude.  But with a 50% cushion won't this rig do just fine?  I know the diesel is the answer for towing in high places, but what about this set up?

Ron and Joyce in Florida (flat land) :D
You'll be fine.

We towed all over the Rockies with a '90 chevy 4.10 gear 5.7  TBI engine with a whoppin' 210 hp /300 torque pulling a 7200 lb 5er. The old TBI did a much better job than the previous carb models that blubbered when over 8000 '. I could even pass semis going up Wolf Creek pass  ;D

Gas engines with the newer putter operaterd CPI system don't loose power as much in the higher elevations.  The Hemi should have no issues.

I've towed a 6300 lb TT through the Rockies with a Dodge 1500, 4x4, 5.7 and had no problems at 11000 ft.  I don't think you will either.
You won't have any problems.  You won't pull the hills like the diesels do, and you won't like the gas mileage, but the truck will get the job done.
Frizlefrak said:
You won't have any problems.  You won't pull the hills like the diesels do, and you won't like the gas mileage, but the truck will get the job done.

Hit the nail on the head...

I had a Dodge Jamboree motorhome (8,800#) that I took into the high country of the west. MPG's (6-7 MPG) where miserable because of the V8 360CID and Auto transmission. It made up there but struggled. Max speeds at times wasn't much more than 20-35 MPH as its gasping for air.

As for my diesel I got now there isn't a mountain that will slow me down much. MPG's (12-14 MPG) are twice as much as my old Jamboree and I'm just about twice as heavy and twice as long. (16,000-17,000# GCW and 52 foot for both Dodge and Jayco Eagle).

As for your setup... I think you fine but it going be very expensive (really low MPG's) and slow going...
Thanks for all the kind responses.  From down here in Flat Florida every hill looks like a climb and the Rockies and Sierras look like just a big WALL.  It's good to know that a gasser with the right gearing can do the job.

Don't know what the price difference is between a Hemi and a Cummings, but I can find out at the dealership.
We won't be in the mountains That much, so it may not be worth the difference in money. 

Thanks again!


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