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Sep 27, 2006
I looked at some TT the other day and compared them to fifth wheels and motorhomes.  I have to say I liked Motorhomes the best for headroom and light, TT second, and did not like the layout on fifth wheels.  Part of my problem is that at 6'1", some TT are a little claustrophobic for me, with limited headroom.  The other more significant issue is that alot of the beds are too small.  With Airstream for example, the bed size seems to max out at 75 inches.  With the pillow I use I need an 80 inch bed.  So 2 questions:

1.  Are there any TT known for having larger beds or can they be retrofitted?

2.  Is there a rough ranking, best to worst, of TT?

There is no generally accepted ranking of RV brands, but price is a fair indicator of amenities as well as quality of construction. Some of the better national travel trailer brands are Holiday Rambler, Keystone, Forest River, Carriage/Carri-lite, Sunnybrook, Double-tree, and Jayco, though most of these offer entry level models as well as better equipped ones. There are excellent regional brands as well and I can't begin to name them all.

New Horizons will custom make a travel trailer or fifth wheel for you and I'm sure they could accomodate your bed size requirements.  I know they offer king size beds as an option. They have an excellent rep for quality as well.

What size trailer are you looking for? Smaller rigs generally have smaller beds, for obvious reasons.
Thanks for the feedback.  I was thinking about a 25-30 foot TT, but even some of the bigger ones have 75 inch beds.  Also, I was hoping to buy used...
P.S.  Where would you say Airstreams rank?  They seem to have more windows and thus better light (though smaller beds).  Maybe a better one could be retrofitted.
diver110 said:
P.S. Where would you say Airstreams rank? They seem to have more windows and thus better light (though smaller beds). Maybe a better one could be retrofitted.

They do have a very good reputation generally for quality and durablity.  In their best grades they do tend to weight with GVWRs in the 10,000-12,000 lb. gross vehicle weights ratings.  This requires Class V hitch systems and one really good tow vehicle, something in the F350 category.  But they do have lighter trailers all way down to the 19' Bambi in the 4,000 lbs range which can be pulled by SUVs even.

Looking at the floor plans, they seem to have a number of 76-78" queen beds.  There is always the option of extending that a bit, but at the sacrifice of walk around space.  You pays your money and you takes your choice. ;)

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