Trailmor Trailers in Canada

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As far as I know they are made in Lake City, Tenn.  Not saying they aren't made elsewhere, but not awhere of it. Try and check it out.
thanks..but the trailmanor dealership locator does not allow for our 6 digit postal code.
There is only one dealer for Trailmanor Trailers in Canada.  It is Center 1444, located in St. Janvier, Quebec  (450) 430-1444.

What is it about Trailmanor that appeals to you?    Not familiar with their trailers.
Steve-  Best I recall is they are built comperable to the Hi-Lo, where the top portion raises.  Great for eliminating wind drag and balanced low to the ground.
plus they can fit in the garage and I really like the floorplan on their website you can see it as a slide show.  They also weigh about half or less of what a normal tt weighs.  Thanks for the canadian dealer info
Sounds like a nice piece of equipment.  Thanks for acqainting us with it and be sure to keep us posted on whether you decide to get one.  If you are not in Eastern Canada, you may wish to investigate importing your trailer after buying it in the U.S.
I have been offline the past few days reading the RVers bible and was wondering about this sort of trailer since reading about it.  I have been looking for travel trailers but worried about towing something big and heavy as a first-time tower.  What are these like in terms of quality of construction?  Are there other brands that would be available in Canada, not that i mind buying one "down south" but importing is slightly tedious (both our vehicles are from the U.S. so i speak from experience!).

I spoke to Trailmanor this morning.  While they only have the one dealer in Quebec, they are working on something in New York, although it's not set up yet.  I'm not so impressed with the warranty but perhaps those with more experience could tell me if this is a good one, it's two years on the trailer only and everything inside is on manufacturers warranty including toilet.  They will authorize a local dealer to do warranty work for them so from that point of view things could be covered. 

I'm off to look at something called a chalet this morning but alarm bells are already going off because they only have two on the lot because they don't plan to carry them any more.  Any thoughts, has anyone heard of these?

I don't have first hand experience with? folding travel trailers, but you may wish to get some back issues of the Explorer Club magazines which contain information on products sold in Canada as well as a directory of dealers across Canada.

Canadian Explorer RV Club Website? ? ? ? ? ? Call Toll Free: 1-800-999-0819

Thanks, i'll definitely look for the magazine.  There's so much research involved in this decision i probably won't get into an RV for ages!!  :-\

By the way, i do hope racermom found what she was looking for!
Explorer magazine comes with membership in the Explorer Club.  You may or may not wish to join Explorer Club, but if you call them and ask for a sample copy of the magazine, you can decide if it's for you.  They also offer RV insurance and towing service much like FMCA and Good Sam.

I am not aware of any other Canadian RV publication where you can get a wide variety of topics on RVing with a Canadian slant.

Have you gone to any of the RV shows in your area where the dealers display the products they sell?  In what part of the Country are you located?
I haven't been to any RV shows.  I am located in Kitchener, ON.  Today we will be heading on a road trip to North Carolina and i think i will stop over in Chesapeake Bay and have a look at the Trailmanor since that's the closest dealer to us! 

I'm really thinking we'll ultimately go for the Jayco or maybe a new aerolite that i have seen and quite like.  Meantime we will focus on renting a popup camper and later in the season a small trailer, there is one fellow locally who rents  17-18 foot Jayfeathers.  I want to be sure i'm comfortable towing, dealing with tanks, etc. before taking the big plunge!

  I am located in Kitchener, ON

Isn't there a fairly large RV dealer off 401 near Kitchener or is it London??  As I recall they are also dealers of Airstream along with other top brands.

Several friends have bought there and I recall passing by a couple of years ago.

They may not sell Trailmor, but may have access to another brand that could suit your needs.

I would suggest before committing to a Jayco product, consider speaking to a few Jayco owners to inquire about their experience with warranty repairs.  I have heard conflicting reports about levels of satisfaction among Jayco owners and from independent repair centers about cooperation from Jayco in dealing with warranty repairs, and parts availability.

Consider posting a query here on the Forum inquiring about Jayco warranty support.
For the most information on Trailmanors go to the  website. You will find plenty of information about the quality of Trailmanor, both what's good and what is not so good about them. I own one and love it as most Trailmanor owners do. However, even the owners on the forum are not afraid to criticize the points they don't like. The general concensus is, they're not for everyone, but if you want something large for the weight, easy to tow, as maintenance free or troublesome as any brand on the market, and easy on the gas for your tow vehicle, give them a look. And as far as the guarantee, they are backed up by the factory with no arguments.

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