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Oct 16, 2018
Hi everyone! I have a sierra cobra parked on my land which I do not intend on moving. It has a door that is beyond repair and I am trying to find something to replace it with. It doesn?t have to be an RV door it could be a standard exterior door cut down or should I try salvage yards? Trying to think outside of the box. It would be even better if I could find something that was mostly glass like a French door. Any ideas? Not even actually sure I can find a standard RV replacement door and if I did I?m not excited about spending 3-$400. But I?m open to that if anyone knows where I could find one.
You could try an RV salvage place.  The one in Phoenix has lots of doors. but shipping cost may exceed price of door.
You will spend more time and money trying to make something work that you would simply buying the correct item.  RV doors are not that expensive and easy to replace.
Personally, if you still have a door, I'd rebuild it to make it work.  The skins come off, and have a local tack some aluminum reinforcement in key areas.  Doors aren't ridiculous, it's the shipping.
As far as residential door, if it's never moving, and you don't mind rigging it in place, anything is possible with a sawzall, 2x4s and caulk.
Thanks for the advice folks. I?ll keep thinking and looking around and hopefully something will work out.

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