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Feb 11, 2006
Hello, new people here--
My wife and I have been shopping for a travel trailer for our family of four as an upgrade for all of us from our current pop-up. We have shopped several different brands of travel trailer both in person and online, an we are currently at a choice between 2 models- a Wildwood (by Forest River) 27 ft, with dinette slideout and bunk beds, and a Jayco Jayflight 27 ft with bunks but no dinette slide out.

We really like a lot of the options that the Wildwood offers- the added floor space, neat storage, etc. However, we also really like the Jayco, and are of the opinion that the Jayco is of better quality construction. It does not have as much floor space, but is quite nice inside.

Can anyone give some advice on these two manufacturers/models, and any experiences that people have had in terms of quality, craftsmanship, company standing behind the work, etc?

Any advice would be appreciated!
Hello Mike,

We have a Cherokee lite 28A TT slide out by Forrest River and have been quite satisfied with it although our experience is somewhat short, only 4 trips since we acquired it last summer.  I'm not familiar with the Forest River model you are looking at.  Since we were also newbies moving up from a Coleman Pop-up to the Cherokee, I had several questions and made calls to the Cherokee factory.  They were always very helpful.  The only problem we experienced was that the smoke detector went off every time we made toast or cooked something on the stove.  I complained about this to a customer service rep and he sent me a free replacement smoke detector the same day.  I highly recommend getting a model with a slide out regardless of the manufacturer you select.  It may cost you a bit more innitally but you will most like appreciate the extra space every time you use it.

I'm still a newbie at this but I have to agree about the slide-out unit.? It makes a tremendous difference!? In regards to the smoke detector, just as a general bit of information.? When you buy them, try and get a Photo electric detector, not an ionization type.? The ionization is very prone to false alarms and is over sensitive.

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