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Apr 25, 2005
Hi Guys

We've spent the last 7 months trying to get every Fleetwood dealer we've visited, to rectify the problem with our Traveler Lite 210 toilet.

The problem is that the bowl won't keep any water in it.

Each one has simply said we aren't cleaning it properly - although we are using the tool they provide and greasing the ball with silican spray.

I finally decided to contact Dometic, the manufacturer, and received the following :-

We did have an assembly issue with the Traveler Lite Units that Fleetwood may be using.? What is going to be required to fix it is a new seal kit #385316140 and a spring cartridge #385310683.? The seal kit is definitely what is needed and the spring cartridge is a reassurance to make sure the problem is corrected properly. I can send these to you at N/C and have you swap them out, OR once I send the parts to you, then you are welcome to take them to the dealer for repair and they can contact us for the labor reimbursement.? Let me know how we would like to handle this. Thank-You.

So, why is it that Fleetwood haven't notified affected customers of this - or, at the very least, warned their dealers of the problem.

Once again, another bad mark against Fleetwood - at least I will know to bypass them and go straight to the source in future.


Yeah.  With trailers the issue is pretty clear.  The appliances in a trailer are covered only by their manufacturer warranties.  RV manufacturers seem only to be warranting the trailer box and frame and demitting everything else to Colemand, Dometic, Thetford, etc..  I guess the attitude carries over to motorhomes.  Bah.  :mad:
Fleetwood isn't alone on this. You have just answered my question also. I've been after my Everest dealer off and on for almost a year with the same problem with the same toilet. Their answer was also the same, which aggravated me as the first time we took it in, it has been used for no more that a water-receptacle, no solids or TP. I will be writing Domestic as soon as I get home and verify that mine is also a Traveler Lite 210 (I know mine has the #210 in the name and it's supposedly a porcelain toilet, but don't remember the rest).


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