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Mar 27, 2005
? ? Tom
? ? Some place you ask for rv travel. And places we went. Don't know where it was. So i am telling you of our travels. Our home is in Port orange FL. and we travel 5 to 8 months a year, out west one year and east the next.
? ? Wife and I belong to a Christain ministary called SOWERS. Office is in Lindale TX. We get a list each month of Christain ministries that need volunteer help. What ever project that we choose to go can be any where in the USA. Their will be 2 to 14 couples on a project. May build a cabin, put up dry wall, plumbing, etc, what ever the ministary need done. Our work is 3 weeks a month, the 4 week is to go to another project or site seeing.
? ? We do 4 to 6 months a year, been doing this since 1992. This give us a opporuntry to do some work for the Lord and see a lot of His creation. Been all over the USA and will be in GA. in May, TN. in June, Ohio in July ( Wife family reunion), PA in Aug. and NJ, in Sept, Hope to be back in FL. Oct and go to your fall rally. Also may go to your Moab rally next spring as will be out west next year. ? ? ?Jim-488
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