Trip in August, 1 week, Cape Cod

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Jul 9, 2005
Northeastern Pa. USA
Hi Again Everyone,

We are planning our big vacation for this year. Thinking of the beach. I am in Pennsylvania and thought it would be good to head North to the beach. There are 4 of us, Me, Mrs. and 2 kids under 10. We've been to Cape Cod before, (never camping) and are almost ready to book.

Anyone been to 'Cape Cod CampResort and Cabins', or 'John's Pond Campground'? I'm favoring Campresort. They have more web info, and everything I'm looking for (I Think)

Full Hookups for a 27'TT
Lake with Sandy beach
Sites look nice, wooded, somewhat spacious.
Close to everything (It's Cape Cod? ;D )

I'm looking for something that can be reached in one day's drive, I'm in Northeastern Pa.
Also consider we'll want some nearby attractions, especially with the youngins'.

If you have any recommendations or experience on the Cape, please share your experience or advice with me. It would be great to have some seclusion and or be right on the beach, but I realize I probably can't have both, especially with full hookups.

Also if you have any suggestions other than Cape Cod that you think may be worthy of consideration, please share them.

Thanks A TON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


I'm not sure why no one has replied  :( . Maybe I'm just not asking the right questions or being specific enough.

I am still open to suggestions as far as destinations and campgrounds. It would be great to find a campground a bit out of the way with a somewhat quiet, natural setting, but still close to some atractions.

We are also considering the coast of Maine, and the shore of Lake Erie in Pennsylvania, which is close to Niagra falls. We've never been to either.

I've only done one or two trips more than 60 miles so far, and would greatly appreciate your recommendations.

Thanks  :) ,

Have you checked out this site?

Like you, we also live in PA. We're planning a week in Cape Cope in June and will be staying here:

Selected ths one because we wanted to be right at the beach and farther out on the cape.

Hi Chief,

I would imagine most didn't respond because they are also unfamiliar with the Cape. We've stayed there once at Peter's Pond. From what I remember it was fine for what we were doing (visiting friends) but not a place I would want to spend any amount of time.

Looks like Chet has given you some good info.

Sorry I've never been there.  It is on the list of things to do someday, however.

Hi Chief,
I've never been to either of those campgrounds.  But from what I've researched the Cape Cod Campresort has a lot  of amenities for the kiddies.  I'm not so sure if Peters ponds has the swimming pool access but no worries when your on the Cape the ocean is always close by.
I love going to the Cape have stayed at Adventure Bound Camping which is up further in North Truro, they don't have the amenities some of the other place have but they are a walk away from the beach and minutes from P-Town where there is great Whale watching.
I'm sure if you have the ability to drive around you'll be happy with either one of your choices.  Like I said everything is fairly close within a few hours drive and your beaches are close on either side of the cape.
Have fun.
As far as Maine goes.  I love to go to L.L Bean and there is a great spot just outside of Freeport called Wolfes Neck Farm (recompence shore campsites) You can Kayak at Casco Bay.  Again not a lot of amenities just good ole camping.
and theres always shopping at Beans!
So If I were to head to the Pa area (north east) what would you suggest for someone with no kids and looking for little or no amenities?
Thanks Lori
Thank You for all the Great Responses Folks.

I am going to check into the ones mentioned that I haven't already. It's probably getting close to reservation time  :) :) :)

RubySam, my favorite spot is Lackawanna state park. It is very peaceful and secluded. It has about 100 sites and mature forests, a large lake, some electric sites, free clean showers, long mtn bike trails, hiking, exploring, a dump station. 

The campsites are isolated from the rest of the park. The park also has a large round swimming pool with plenty of room. It's about an hour into Pa. on I-81 from NY, and about 15 minutes straight shot from 81. The biggest rig you would get in there would be about 30 feet. I've never seen any larger busses there. Each site has a picnic table, fire ring, and restroom close by.

I always try to get a similar setting when I travel, but so far, any state park I've looked into doesn't have the hookups I need for longer vacations.

Thank You All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate your responses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :) :) :) 

The Cape in the summer is quite crowded. In our case there appears to be very few camps that allow pets in the High season. That has limited the places we could go. Have not been there in years but due to the  restrictions we decided to go to Maine and Canada and leave the Cape to the uppety people. Check out Maine it has some nice areas. The lower end close to Mass. is very expensive since it is in reach of Boston. Booth Bay, Arcadia and Camden offer nice areas in Maine.


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