Trouble shooting solar controller/battery meter

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Nov 2, 2005
I have a Solaris controller and don't believe it is working. The green light shows on but the low, full, and charging do not work. If I press the button toshow charging amps it stay at 0 amps. Starting at the panel and tracing the wires how it it hooked up. Solar to battery? Any thing, like fuse or connector in between? How many fuses? If I pull cover off meter what wires should I check. Where would the actual controller be. Is it the box on the wall? Appreciate any help on figuring this problem out.

Solaris Technology apparently is an Australian company, but I can find little information about their products on the net.  Nothing that helps you, at any rate.

I doubt if there is a fuse in the output of the panel - the controller is supposed to regulate the output. Fuses are normally located on the demand side, i.e. where the power drawing device/circuit ataches to the power source.  And if a fuse were blown, your "green light" would probably not show.  What does this green light indicate?  Just an "on" condition? It may just indicate a valid circuit.

It sounds as though the panel is not producing any power (could be an internal fault) or is not connected to the controller. Just a guess - I am not familiar with the Solaris controller.
Thanks Gary,

Could not find a good site for solaris either. Guess I'll go up on roof and check downard.
Thanks again

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