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Mar 4, 2012
Any recommendations for a 24-26 foot with slide out for a couple only.  We don't need the fold out beds or drop downs.  Good open space with queen bed. Thanks
Mine's a 30' also.  2012 Palomino with a slide.  Queen bed only, no bunks, and the biggest bathroom on the highway.  :)  Outdoor kitchen too.  7800 lbs gross. 
there are a couple things that are important here, or at least one, and that is
weight. do you have an existing vehicle which would limit what you can tow?
We just went thru this, and decided we liked the arctic fox.  they have some
good floorplans from 22-30 feet overall bumper to hitch. we liked the 25P, but
the new 25W might have given it a run for the money if it was available.
we find it great for our needs and even though we can't get into everywhere,
We've squeezed into some really nice national forest sites
My wife and I just decided on an Arctic Fox 25Y... set up perfectly for two who may decide to entertain a bit with a few friends but don't want them to overstay their welcome :) It is 30' or so total length but has a really well thought out floor plan.

We went with the Arctic Fox 25w.  We looked at the 25Y, but liked the 25w just a little better.
There are probably 100s of choices out there for what you list for your requirements. We picked the Viewfinder.  Well made, easy to tow.
Half the fun of RVing is shopping for your perfect unit.  Good luck with your choice.
We just ordered a keystone Passport Elite 23RB. I think it worth looking at. Full Queen bed , one tip out  & 26 feet long.

I'd suggest the three recommendations above.....Arctic Fox.  A quality built product!
Try out campcentral. I recently found this site, and its pretty good as a starting point for trailer research.

The idea is to choose your tow vehicle, and it will find tens if not hundreds of trailers that can be towed that suit your needs based on your preferences. Pretty cool.  :)
Hi yabae do you have the exact website address for campcentral?  Thanks for the suggestion -I'm shopping!
we are looking at the KZ 2303s well built and 2 year warr. 24.11 feet from back bumper to hitch. It looks good for the $.
Passport 3180 my DW and mine choice.  Real queen bed, 80" long.
We just bought an 08 Springdale 266RLS. Not the top of the line but for us it's perfect.


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If you are also considering the used TT market, you might add the Sunline 2363.  They went out of business in 2006, but their trailers were very well made.  The 2363 has no slides, queen walk around bed, front and rear doors, decent couch and occasional chair.  I thought it was perfect for the two of us, but the spouse wanted a motorhome.  I try to keep her happy so we can keep going out camping and traveling, but I think about that Sunline with fond regret.  Here's a link to the Sunline owners club:

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