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Jul 27, 2006
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HELLO ! I have been reading as much as I can on this subject, but haven't quite got the answers I'm looking for. I am really green to TT's but not to camping, which I've done all my life. I am looking to get a TT for me, my wife & our 3 year old daughter(trying to start her early on enjoying the GREAT outdoors & not T.V. or video games!). My ?'s are as followed & any help will be appreciated.
1) 3 decent brands to look for, not the best or the worst, in about a 20 to 24 ft. TT for around $8,500
2) Is a rubber roof mandatory for longevity?
3) What are a few dealbreakers(i.e. DON'T buy if ?)
4) Is it better to buy a cheaper newer TT or a better older TT?
I know it's not alot of $$$, but I just bought a 2006 Dodge CTD 4x4 as a tow rig(ouch!), & I want to make sure this is gonna be something the family enjoys before I spend more than this. TIA
1.  Prowler and Terry are OK.  However, there are a million brands out there seemingly.

2.  Yeah.

3.  We have covered this in the message thread that you can find by clicking HERE.

4.  Maybe.  See that message thread.
There's a zillion brands and many good ones.  Many of the so-called "lite" trailers are , well, lighter in construction and less durable in th elong run, but most people trade before that becomes an issue anyway. A better quality rig will be have better grade of cabinetry and furnishings, but ost of the appliances and such will be identical to less expensive units.  Personally, I would say get a used, mid-level brand rather than a new inexpensive one, for two reasons: (1) better construction and (2) less loss due to depreciation (someone else paid the huge initial depreciation when it was new).
Brands: Most of the Fleetwood, Forest River, Jayco and Keystone models are fine choices.

Rubber roofs: as opposed to metal? Definitely yes.  As opposed to fiberglass, Britek and other materials? No.

Deal breakers: Are we talking new or used?  In a used RV, every system should be tested for proper operation and insist on a 15-30 day after sale window where you can identify things that don't work and bring it back for free repair. It's nearly impossible to check every system thoruoughly before leaving the dealers lot (though you should try, even spending a night there if you can).

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