TT with 2 Queen or Double beds?

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Nov 12, 2005
I'm looking for a floorplan with two queen beds or a queen and a double layout. 

We're going to be storing it at our favorite campground so towing will not be an issue. I've been wading thru available floor plans and my head is spinning at all the options... but most of them offer bunk beds - which will not work for us.

I suppose if we can't find what we need, we can always use the sofa-bed area or dinette area, but we'd really like to avoid this if possible.  (We have my elderly mother with us and I'd like to give her her own 'space'.)

Can anyone help me navigate thru these hundreds of floorplans and already know of a 2 bedroom layout? 


Hmmm no luck  :-[

I guess I'll start e-mailing the manufacturers.

Will take any recommendations from anyone!
Hve you visited any RV shows? It's usually a good way to see what's available from various manufacturers all in one place and to easily compare brands.
I noticed when we were looking for our TT, that Keystone had quite a few models with 2 double or queen beds available.  You might go to thier main web site and take a look at floor plans. 
When we were looking at TT, we saw several that had a queen bed up front and bunks on a slide out in the rear where the lower buck was approximately full size.
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