Tucson, AZ RV Parks Suggestions Needed

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Any recommendations of a big rig friendly RV park in Tucson, AZ?  We will be leaving Tombstone area tomorrow headed to Tucson.


Catalina State Park has easy access for big rigs. Electric and water hook-ups, dump station at exit.  Just keep an eye on the weather.  Between park entrance and camp ground you pass through a dry wash.  We were trapped an extra day in the camp ground last year due to a big rain and a flooded wash.  The park rangers plowed out the silt and we were good to go the next day.
Mission View RV Resort on San Xavier Road, just off I-19.  Big sites, on the reservation so no taxes.
Not at all.  Just don't stay up past midnight partying :)
Midnight is way past my bedtime!!  I had read on another post that alcohol was not allowed on reservations so wanted to ensure we did not break any rules.


As in most RV parks, discretion is always advised.
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