Tunnels and 0.7 Degree Nights

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Sep 14, 2005
Lakeland, TN
We are going to Destin from Memphis. There are multiple routes from Jackson, MS south. (to Hattiesburg or Hammond, LA or Pascagula). I know there is a tunnel under Mobile Bay. Are motorhomes with propane allowed through there? The shortest route seems to be Mphs to Jackson to Hattiesburg to Mobile to Destin.

Also, I asked months ago about winter RV'ing tips for a potential trip to Angel Fire, NM, for newbies. Well....we did it. The temp the first morning I got up was 0.7 degrees F. Propane heat rocks! The winds gusted to 50MPH for two straight days. Made my hair stand on end a few nights as the wind howled outside. What an experience. This time we want to go somewhere warm with sand. So Destin sounds good to me now. (BTW I have some picts of the winter wonderland if anyone is interested in helping me post or posting for me) Thanks and cheers. 


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I-10 crosses Mobile Bay on a bridge, not a tunnel. ?Chesapeake Bay is crossed via bridges and tunnels and propane is allowed, but must be shut off at the tank.
We did have a flat tire and spent over 2 hours on the bridge.  Not a fun day :(
Yes, there is a tunnel on the west side of the I-10 bridge over Mobile Bay. Your propane should be shut off at the tank valve, but then again there is no inspection station for the authorities to insure this. I guess if you are stopped by the police they might ask to look at the tank/valve.

Yes, there is a tunnel under Mobile Bay on I-10.? Trucks and Motorhome use it all the time.? Be advised that the entrance speed is 40mph and there is a curve going into the tunnel from the west going east.?

Coming from Memphis, you can go through Jackson, then take US 49 to Hattiesburg, then I-59 south to US98.? Take US98 to Mobile and pick up I-65 South to I-10 and go east.? There is a Flying J at I-20 and US 49 on the north side of 1-20.? This will be east of I-55.? There is also a Wal*Mart on US49 about 4-miles south of I-20, and on the left side of US49 as you go south.? Should be an easy trip for you.? By the way, when you get to Mobile on US98, you will be turning LEFT onto the ramp entrance to I-65 south.? I know, sounds crazy, but then lots of the streets are down here.? Fuel is less expensive in Alabama right now than Mississippi or Florida.

It's been several years since we travelled that route and I don't recall the tunnel, but that may be because there were no special restrictions.
Could there be both a bridge & a tunnel? I only remember a bridge on I10 at Mobile Bay.  But then, I don't remember so good anymore either!  :D  At any rate, we've been across it with both a motorhome & a fifth wheel and never encountered any restrictions.
I know there's a bridge, I just don't remember the tunnel.  Just looked it up on Street Atlas and sure enough, there is the George C Wallace tunnel under the Mobile RIVER.  However, the BAY is crossed by bridge.
Just came down I-10 both ways in the last month.  Tunnel on west side with east bound traffic slowed to one lane due to bridge repair work.  Other than that- clear sailing to the Alantic.
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