TV Removal 1992 Holiday

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I'm sorry I don't have an answer as to how it comes out BUT......  I really hated the noise our LARGE T.V. made in the overhead entertainment of our class C.  So out it came finally, would rather have none than the creaking noise going down the road.  Have a 20" flat screen to put in its place.  Will have to lay it down when traveling though.  Don't want it to go flying through the air on one of those steep inclines here in the mountains!!! ;)
Could make a sequel to RV (the movie) with a stunt like that!!!
here is the pic of the tv cabinet, I realize the small board/strip above the tv is removable, I have tried taking it out, however, once inside the cabinet, I am stumped as to how to finish removing the set.


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Thanks for the photo. Remove the two wooden plugs above the TV to expose a couple of screws that should be removed. There may also be a couple of similar plugs/screws underneath the TV cabinet that need to be removed.

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