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Oct 24, 2012
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I have an 08 Chrysler Aspen 5.7 with a towing capacity of 8900lbs and am thinking of buying a Keystone Hornet Sport 27B which is 28.5' long and has a shipping weight of 5200lbs and a carrying capacity of 2450 so I'm guessing that's a total loaded possible weight of 7850lbs.  Some specs say the trailer is 4990lbs but keystone's site says 5200lbs.  Based on the 10% rule I've seen mentioned I think I'll be fine.  Also I am curious of the length of the trailer vs my wheel base.  Looks like the wheel base of my Aspen based on Wiki is 119.2 and the length of the trailer is 28.5'

Any input and help appreciated.  Also is there a difference between a weight distribution hitch and a anti-sway hitch?

This is the trailer that we are considering / planning on picking up Saturday
Also is there a difference between a weight distribution hitch and a anti-sway hitch?

Yes. Weight distribution refers to the ability to transfer some of the tongue weight forward to the front axle of the two vehicle, i.e. to spread the load.

An anti-sway hitch is a WD hitch that has built-in anti-sway control. Examples are the Reese Dual Cam and the Equalizer brands.

Nearly all WD hitches can have a friction type anti-sway device added, but these are difficult to adjust properly and often ineffective because they are not properly set up. The integrated type of anti-sway is far superior, in my opinion. It is always there and always working.
If all the numbers work out the you'll probably be just OK. I know it's next to impossible but you need to get the trailer to a scale. Empty weights are useless and rarely accurate depending on how the trailer is optioned.. Even if the numbers work out, like you mentioned before that's a lot of trailer length swaying behind your size SUV. And if you do get it you'll definitely NEED a Equalizer hitch and sway control.

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