U.S. 89 from Logan to Brigham City

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Kevin Means

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Aug 3, 2010
Hereford, Arizona
We're in Logan, UT right now, heading out tomorrow for the north rim of the Grand Canyon. We got to Logan by going east on Hwy 30 from I-15, and we want to get back on I-15 to head south. We can backtrack on Hwy 30, but I was wondering if U.S. 89 from Logan to Brigham City was a good road for big rigs. We're in a 43 foot coach towing a Jeep. Thanks.

If you are in a hurry, backtrack on 30 cus it is only about 18 miles.  89 is a beautiful 2 lane drive.  Are you going to take 15 to 89 in Flagstaff to the North Rim?  Just went that way about 2 days ago.
Arch Hoagland said:
We go to Logan every two years and always use 89. Great for big rigs.  Kinda steep on the side close to I 15.

Right, downhill grade to a traffic light, IIRC.  But surely doable.
Thanks everyone. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. You were right - very easy drive and big-rig friendly. We?ve been camping at the Kaibab Camper Village for a few days. Heading south toward Bisbee tomorrow. Google maps says shortest route is to go south on 89, through Marble Canyon and Flagstaff. How?s that route for big-rigs? (Grades, turns, etc)


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