Ultrapower for TBI engines

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Nov 23, 2006
Okeydokey, fellow RVers, let us try a new tactic:

Here is my dilemma:  I own a 1990 Airstream Land Yacht powered by a 454 TBI Chevvy.  Mike tells me that he has a kit for the OBDI TBI engines, and, I am interested in having one installed on my LY.

I would be delighted if someone on this Forum with a TBI 454 Chevvy has had the Ultrapower kit installed and would share their experience of it with the Forum.  Hopefully there are other folks like me who are own older coaches and are interested in better performance.

I already have a Banks PowerPack and GV overdrive, but as all gearheads are wont to do, I am looking for better performance and gas mileage.

Thanks in advance!
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