upcoming trip to New York !! Help Please!!!

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new guy 99

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Aug 30, 2005
Hello I am new to this forum so please excuse any mistakes I make!? ?I was hoping this forum would be a good place to ask for help about our trip to new york city in the next couple of weeks. We have never had our 5th wheel in the new york area before so we could use any suggestions as to any good places to stay,how close should we stay without getting into real heavy traffic,what would be the best route to take coming out of bangor maine? we only have 4-5 days to visit to area and we are interested in site seeing and of course shopping!! we would appreciate any help we can get.? thanks very much!
Welcome to the forum!

If you are talking about NYC, there is a campground just over the river in New Jersey that is billed as the closest to the city and there is transportatioin available.  I think it's at the marina.  I have heard it is basically a parking lot with hookups but nice camping isn't what you're there for anyway.  Right?

Now, having said that, let me also put in a plug for the rest of the state.  New York state is much more than a bunch of skyscrapers.  When you have more time, come down and spend some time in the Adirondacks, the Finger Lakes (great wineries!), the Binghamton area has 6 original working carousels that are all free, Niagra Falls, Corning glass, Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame, etc.

Enjoy your stay.  NYC is something to see.  (Bring your wallet!)
thanks everyone for the info, and yes we are referring to the ny city area.  we are wondering what is the best route to take into the city? and do you recommend driving into the city or are the bus tours the way to go? we were wondering about the Greenwich and Stamford areas of Connecticut would this be a good place to base ourselves from and if so can anyone recommend some campgrounds in the area.
I definitely would not advise driving through the city, especially in a 5th Wheel! There would be no place to park it, let alone maneuver through the busy streets.
I have never taken a bus tour of the city, so I can't help there. I know a lot of people who would say take the train, but if you are not familiar with the city, that can be intimidating.

Maybe someone else has better advice. Without looking in guides or online, I don't personally know of any campgrounds in the Stamford, Ct area.
I have spent a lot of time in the NYC area. There is only ONE campground in the area and that is on the NJ side of the Holland Tunnel. It's right at the enterance of the tunnel and is expensive. It's just an enclosed parking (secure??) lot, in a less than desirable area.  The closest I can think of is west on I-80 to the Delaware Water Gap, about 65 miles. There are several in that area.

I haven't been to NYC in a long time, but it used to be pretty easy to get around on your own on Sundays.  On other days the traffic, both car and pedestrian, was so hectic that a visitor unfamilar with the city wouod quickly be overwhelmed.  So if you just want to see some sights, a bus tour might not ne a bad idea.  On the other hand, you never really get the feel of a place from a bus - ya gotto go mix with the people, eat in a local restaurant, buy a pretzel from a street vendor, etc.

The train and subway system is indeed intimidating to most.
Thanks  again everyone for the info!!  We will be leaving tommorrow and have decided to stay in Newburgh and commute from there. will let you know how everything went when we return .
new guy 99 said:
Thanks? again everyone for the info!!? We will be leaving tommorrow and have decided to stay in Newburgh and commute from there. will let you know how everything went when we return .
We just got back from a weekend at Newburgh KOA. Hope you are having a good stay. Let us know how it went.
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