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Apr 25, 2006
I bought a 1992 Four Winds 22 foot class C last spring. It had bad brakes and a lot of sway. Kind of scary on the road.

Well I redid the rear brakes, put in a new Hydroboost brake booster and things were better but still not acceptable.

Well today I put new good pads in front and I put polyurethane sway bar bushings in the front bar ( Energy suspension)

Now this think drive very nice!
It stops so much betterand rids much more predictable like a new van.

Polyurethane bushings are great. Of course the old ones were completely shot.
Did you do all that work yourself?  If so what did you think of the job?  I've done brake pads and swaybar bushing on cars of mine, but never on a MH.  Still trying to figure out what work I'll be able to do myself whenever I end up buying.  Glad to hear your problem was solved!  :)
Yes I do all the work myself.
However I have an impact wrench and a aceteylene torch  ;D
I needed the torch for the bushings since some of the bolts were hoplessly rusted on.
Could have used a hacksaw I suppose.
But I did the bushings and front brakes in under 3 hours

Front brakes are like a car but bigger.
Rear brakes are huge. the brake drum weighs 50-75 lbs!
Also it's a full floating axle which was diferent.

But it is very doable IMHO. The size is just scary, I mean each wheel has 8 lug nuts torqued to 120 ft/lbs ::) You'll get a workout.

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