Update on "Which TOAD, Ford Explorer or Jeep GC"?

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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
A big Thank you to all that replied to our request to help us decide between a Ford Explorer or Jeep Grand Cherokee. The ratio of the replies was 14 for the Jeep GC and 1 for a Ford explorer.

We test drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee once, then did a test drive of the Jeep Liberty, then did another test drive of the GC again.  Today we committed to  the purchase of a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, in Silver. We should be able to obtain it during the first week of January, if all of the paperwork goes through.  Whew!!! Glad that is done!!

Jack and Liz
Gongrats on joining the Jeep crowd.

About the radio. Can it play MP3 CDs? Any provisions for plugging in an iPod or other MP3 player?
Congratulations on the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited.  I'm sure you will enjoy it.  Welcome to the Jeep group.
Now come join us at the Moab rally so we can show you some of the most spectacular views around.
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