Upper mid to high end 5th wheel?

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Jul 2, 2012
We show horses and have been towing a 40' Sundowner with living quarters in the front. We're scaling back on hauling the horses, so will be selling the trailer we have and buying a 5th wheel travel trailer to give us more living space than the horse trailer does (almost half of its length was dedicated to the horses).

In preparation for selling it, we dropped it off for servicing today, and I was looking at some RV's at the dealership. While these were nice-looking, I felt like they were kinda on the cheap and plasticky side. One of them rattled and shook as we walked through from front to back. (These were in the $60k range new.)

Must haves: Separate  potty room, King bed, solid surface or granite counter tops, tile/stone or nice non-carpeted (except bedroom) flooring, heavy-duty and well-made with a strong frame and heavy axles, at least 3 slides, prefer 4 or even 5.

Would like: Two sofas or sofa and big recliners, dedicated work desk area

Used - 2010 to 2012, from $60 - 90k

We have a dual rear wheel F-450, so weight is not too much of an issue. We'd like to be 40'+ (or close).


Go to as many dealers and shows as possible and look at all the different brands.  This will give you some insight as to which are better and 
which floor plan you like.  I have a 37' Montana Big Sky package and really like it, others may not. 
Take a look at Open Range.  They have a couple different lines that go up to and over 40', and are in the price range you are looking at.  My parents bought a Open Range Mesa Ridge 316 a couple months ago and really like it.
Both Forest river and Thor make a wide range of polo or plans and prices. It's just a matter of looking and picking o es you like.
You might want to consider a high end toy hauler.  I haven't seen any with more than three slides but they're designed to carry significant loads and if you're handy, you can convert the garage area into whatever workspace your looking for.  We have a small side ramp toy hauler that I use for my den.  The nice thing about ours is it's separated from the living area.     

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