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Apr 10, 2011
We are currently staying at 4 mile creek state campground near Niagra Falls, we will be here until October 14th then moving on hopefully to see the adirondaks. Due to most of the state parks closing this time of year, can anyone recommend a private RV park that would be near the central area of the adirondacks?  We are traveling from California and would hate to miss seeing the Adirondacks.  Any ideas?
Turning Stone RV park, south of Rome, NY, will be open and it's a top-rated park. It's just outside the Adirondack region and you can easily drive into the Boonville and Old Forge areas (popular summer and winter). Rome also has the restored Fort Stanwix, where the Stars & Stripes were first flown in battle during the Revolution. Not to mention Coal Yard Charley's, an excellent pub and restaurant.  ;D And if you are a casino fan, visit the Turning Stone Casino near the park.


I see there is an Old Forge Camping Resort that is open year aroud. Never been there, but it sounds promising.

Thanks so much for the info, we called Old Forge they have plenty of spots and only $25.00-$35.00 depending on lake front site or not.

We thought we were going to miss the Adirondacks but thanks to you we'll be there next week.

Thanks agan. Happy Trails.
We like the OFCR. The water sites are neat - had one once a few years ago. Their electrical service is poor, though. Like Jim said - only 30 amp and no A/C allowed...not that you have to worry about that any more this year.

jim and di said:
We stayed at The Old Forge Camping Resort this September. Nice and well run. I think they only have 30 amp electrical service.
Jim, we were there Labor Day weekend. Site 358 by the store. You?


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Joezeppy said:
Jim, we were there Labor Day weekend. Site 358 by the store. You?
We were there September 11-13, I have a old mate who spends the summer in Inlet, NY. I make a stop of a few days every fall and sometimes summer on the way to Boston.
First year at OFCR, spent a few years in his tote road driveway, until I got stuck and needed Good Sam to pull me out.
Ahhh, Inlet & Old Forge. We used to spend time there every summer when we lived in central NY. Rented a cottage on Fourth Lake a couple of times too. Brings back many fond memories!
Sorry to put a damper on your trip but most of the campgrounds from Saratoga north will be closing this weekend. I live in the Park and have friends that own some of them.
just seeing this post reminds me of growing up there - upstate NY, about 8 miles from Ft Stanwix.  camping in the Adirondacks was always good this time of year - no bugs. 4th lake up to Blue Mt, with swimming at Golden Beach on Raquette lake a fond memory. My brother's band played the Old Barn in Inlet summer of 1976 - fun times! if time allows, drive up to Paul Smiths, then thru Lake Placid and Keene Valley back to 87.
Thanks everyone, Old Forge is still open, we'll be on our way there tomorrow will probably rain but being from California we actually enjoy the weather. 
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