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Shayne said:
But no one asked me here in AZ where I was from.? I went to the bank and told them I had a 50K check I wanted to open an account and my address was at the PEM.? I put 2500 in checking and the rest in a savings account.? ?No further Questions were asked.? Why would it be any different anywhere else.? Then again if you let them know you are from o/s the country that could make a difference.? I would think it's none of their Dang business.

You deposited the money where 'they' could keep an eye on it. Big difference.
Well, wire transfers being put directly into an account, except for cash, are OK. Any cash transaction, 10K and up has to be reported. Wife was a professional banker and giving me the No idea ;)
woodartist said:
Well, wire transfers being put directly into an account, except for cash, are OK.

Try wiring more than $10K internationally and you'll find out what the rules are. I've been doing it for 30 years (both directions), but I'm not a "professional banker". Next time, I'll let my bank know they don't need to report it  ;D
woodartist said:
Talking US only Tom.

This discussion was about foreign nationals opening bank accounts in the U.S. and international transfers to/from those accounts. I'm not aware of any such domestic (within-U.S.) transfers.

Apologies if my comments suggested otherwise.
Never, ever, ever, ever tell the wife she's an idiot....unless you're ready to hit the road solo.
But if you have provable UK banking connection why should it be an issue? ???

Couldn't care less if it's investigated I am buying an RV with my hard earnt. ::)

Would that mean a non us multi national chairman would get refused?
Transactions with financial institutions in Canada in excess of $10,000 are investigated or at least require specific identification and close scrutiny as added security measures.
Cant see any well funded arms dealers/drug dealers/terrorist creating much havoc with 10K ::) ::) ::)

Suppose it how many XXXXX he does it ??? ??? ???
I think the games is to go under 10K, many times with different people? This reg was actually created many years ago before 911 and was directed at drug dealers. I know the casinos will make pay outs "near" 10K if you win a jackpot. Of course if not reported then one has an inclination to avoid the taxes............
woodartist said:
....go under 10K, many times...

That's the way to do it, and it doesn't need to be with "different people" (or different banks}. Just keep the transactions on different days and you stay under the radar.

This reg was actually created many years ago....

I suspect that $10K was a lot of money when the reg was created.

FWIW a few weeks of daily $9.999K transactions would have funded one of the 9/11 bad guys, including paying for flying school.
Off topic again but we in the UK now have the government wanting to introduce ID cards by 2010 and at present will cost each of us ?100 but by that time ???????

It will not stop terrorism in my view but will hold data that all the tricksters will be able to access and use for dubious means.

In London now it's hard to find a British person and no one challenges them to who they are and  should they be here and since the EU asked us to open our doors to newer state member nearly every town has been flooded with Poles which means that unwanted immigrants can merge in even easier.

So I suppose what I am trying to say is that closing down on the ordinary guy only hurts him and doesn't affect the bad uns and in fact plays into there hands.

Tom said:
Maybe Enoch Powell was right? ???

:) I have never been racially predudiced, having spent several years in the Army with all the colours under the rainbow. However. I have always thought that Enoch was the BEST man NEVER to ever become Prime Minister.  ;)
LOL John, a lot of folks obviously agreed with you.
For Canadians, the bank account of choice is one with NO INTEREST.
I was offered two different accounts in the place I stay in Florida, one that offered a pathetic %, and one that offered zero percent.
The zero percent one is not reportable, it is just somewhere to accept Canadian funds in Florida.
it is just somewhere to accept Canadian funds in Florida

You'll have a tough time to find that, and if you do, you'll get robbed on the exchange.  I don't know if the U.S. subsidiaries of Canadian banks would be better such as the Royal and Harris.

However there are much easier ways of moving your Canadian money into your U.S. account using a T.D. U.S. account, moving your funds into that account over the phone and then depositing a check into your U.S. account.
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