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Nov 15, 2006
Hi all, 
Wife and I are wanting to buy a MH.  Visiting many rv forums lots of people have suggested starting with a used rv.  Since it would be just the two of us and two small dogs, what would be the best class of MH?  Also what is considered a low mileage. ???

I guess I need to be a little more specific.  A class A or C in a price range of <= 60,000.  Preferable 31 ft or shorter, and a mid range quality--does not have to be top of the line.

I also have a background as an aircraft mechanic, hopefully that will help in working and maintaining it.
you need to start a new topic and START with how much money (approx) you have to spend on one.  "it all depends" on HOW MUCH MONEY you have to spend :).  *AND*, of course, how much TIME you plan to spend it it (will you be fulltiming or just weekending it?)

A topic like "What < $30k Motorhome for a newbie for fulltiming?" would be a good start ....  You should also mention whether you are "good with tools" or want to PAY someone else to do all the work....

It looks like everything Steve mentioned is already covered, but I see etcher1's original post was edited.  ;)

etcher1 that's a great price range to have... you should have no problems finding something of used midrange quality that will work great for 2 adults and 2 dogs.  :)  If you don't anticipate having many guests (children, grandchildren?) camping with you, then a Class C would probably cause wasted space... the overhead bunk would rarely be used I'm guessing.  Class A motorhomes have much more open interior space, and certainly come in all different sizes from 25-40 footers and beyond.  They can be intimidating for some to drive, but from what I've been told they handle quite easily (as long as you remember to take the turns slow and wide).

As far as mileage, for a used motorhome you will actually *want* some decent mileage on it.  An OLD unit (15-25 years) that only has 30k miles on it for instance could present a problem, because that means it spent a LOT of its life sitting unused.  Better to get those rigs out and exercise them, then let everything sit and rust.  The best scenario is to know the history of a used unit you are looking at.

Do you have a cutoff age for "used"?  5 years, 10 years, etc?  That will help narrow the field of possibilities.
Do yourself a favor and not limit yourself to 31' or less.  reach out to 34' at least  A much better selection and probably some nicer units  for the storage you will be seeking once yoy start putting supplies in it.  Cause  We've been there done that and know what it's like.  Good Luck

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