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Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
Our new Forum software provides for a variety of smiley faces and emoticons to add feeling to our postings.  As in any communication maintaining a polite ambiance requires a certain degree of net-etiquette.

Using emoticons

Getting along as a netizen doesn't stop with etiquette. Because it's often difficult to convey emotion, intent, or tone through text alone, early Internet users invented emoticons, which are virtual facial expressions made from basic keyboard characters, like the colon and right parentheses (just remember to rotate your head left a bit, because emoticons lay on their sides at 90 degrees!).

Here are some examples of commonly used emoticons:

:)  Happy or joking
;-)  Winking
:-(  Unhappy
:-|  Ambivalent
:-o  Surprised or concerned
:-x  Not saying anything
:p  Sticking out your tongue (usually in fun)

Emoticons are easy and fun to use and you can even create your own. :-}

Feel free to share any emoticons you may have created to personalize your own net correspondence.

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