Valtera "High Flow" regulator

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Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
We stopped at Camping World in SLC a few days ago, so I picked up one of the new Valtera "High Flo" water pressure regulators to try.  I installed it at our next overnight stop without mentioning it to Nancy but she noticed right away when she took a shower. I soon heard a plaintiff call - "Please turn on the water pump..."!

When I get a chance I'll measure the flow through it vs my big Cash Acme "whole house" regulator.
Thanks for helping me to decide not to replace our Watts residential regulator with the CW Valtera model.  I wonder what part of "flow rate" they don't understand :)
I did a crude flow test today and the new regulator actually did pretty well. Not as good as a big Cash or Watts, but OK.

Here's the set-up:
Water pressure:  52 psi
Water source: 3/4 inch pipe feeding a 5/8 inch, 50 foot hose
Bucket marked at the 2 gallon line
Wrist watch with digital seconds display

I repeated each test twice to get consistency but the measurement is admittedly coarse, with me eyeballing the 2 gallon fill line and the seconds ticking away on my digital watch.  The fil rate was very fast and there was a fair amount of splash in two of three configurations, so the numbers are approximations.

No regulator:  12 seconds for 2 gallons
Watts N35B regulator: 12 seconds for 2 gallons
Valterra Hi Flow regulator: 17 seconds for 2 gallons

That works out to 10 pm for the unregulated flow and the Watts, so probably that's the max flow the 5/8" hose would handle. The Valterra delivered "only" 7 gpm, but that's probably better than the plumbing of the typical RV, which is often only 3/8 plastic tubing with innumerable fittings and bends.  Actually a pretty good performance, I'd say.

As I recall, the regular version of the Valterra regualtors (I think they areactually a Marshall Brass product) deliver about 2-3 GPM, but I haven't owned one in years.  Maybe somebody who has a recent model could try a measurement and report?
I purchased a HI-Volume RV Regulator when I was doing my tour this winter.  Got it inline now

Park Pressure is about 60 PSI, static pressure at the Motor Home is a bit less (55-60) Filter drops me a couple of pounds when drawing water (External shower) perhaps 45 pounds at the regulator inlet, Regulator passes enough water for me to take a comfortable shower, (About 38 psi, just low enough to fire the water pump if I turn it on)

I'm going to try a whole house one soon as I sweat the fittings
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