Van conversion project, tinted windows

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Nov 17, 2012
Is it possible to mount solar panel behind tinted windows on side or roof of a van and get any charging benefit from it?

Let me try this again. Hello, I'm new here. My job takes me all over and sometimes into areas that I might get ripped off. I want to conceal that I have expensive equipment and when on the road for a long time, a small living area. No one would bother an average-looking van. I want solar panels and need a way to conceal them but use them. Can anyone with tech expertise help?
The tinting would greatly reduce their effiency.  I mean GREATLY, and not do that good a job of hiding them.  There are some security solutions that "phone home" if entry is made, home being your other cell,.
Would you be using them while driving?? Have you looked at or thought about portable units that can be deployed outside only while you are there and needing the extra power. My one coach (deep cycle) battery seems to supply me with enough power to last upward of 24 hours or more without any extra charging or source of power.

I can power my TV, TV antennae booster, DVD player, furnace fan, lights, CPAP machine all day/night without running out of power.

Not sure how much extra power you would need??
How much power? Enough to survive the zombie apocalypse, just kidding.

All the main toys like TV and laptops. Plus small music studio, music amp, keyboards, hard disks, RAID, USB media player, satellite internet and a few more. Maybe a small DC frig. I opt for a used cargo van. Something like a Chevy Roadtrek also OK but I prefer a large van.

You mentioned a portable solar unit and that's the best idea. Perhaps custom assemble it from panel pieces and place in a hinged wood or welded frame that could attach to a roof rack with some type of latch. Or I saw a lot of foldable stock panels out there to buy. Thanks, a good start.

Security with some SMS scheme that works on cheap phones also a great idea.
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