Van or motorhome?

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The Vixen is a

  • Van

    Votes: 1 4.8%
  • Van conversion

    Votes: 5 23.8%
  • Class B motorhome

    Votes: 2 9.5%
  • Motorme

    Votes: 13 61.9%

  • Total voters
IMO the Vixen is clearly a Class A motorhome, albeit a small size.  To qualify as a  Class B, it would have to be made from a stock van. even though Class B hybrids are now being made as wide body Class B's.  A traditional Class C begins with a stock cab and the stucture behind the cab takes on an appearance of its own.

Since the Vixen is not a converted stock van, and is built on a chassis to its own design specifications, where the interior can be accessed from the cab (I believe) then it would qualify as a Class A motorhome.

I would be interested to learn other points of view.

If you agree with Steve, either you voted differently or didn't vote. There's currently one vote each for class A and class B.  ???
My old boss used to call it a sanity check - does this piece of data jive with that piece?
Tom said:
see if you can decide whether this Vixen, owned by our friends, is a van, a class B motorhome, or a class A motorhome.

Just a typo Judy. It's meant to be motorhome, as in the subject line.
I agree with Steve - it's a Class A.  The picture doesn't show the front very well, but it does not appear to built on a standard van or chassis-cab, so I'm assuming the entire body was built up from a bare frame. That makes it a Class A motorhome, regardless of size.
  It's a diesel pusher- 6 cyl. BMW with  5-speed manual transmission.  Air operated pop top.  Unlike our Westfalia where the top is hinged at the rear, this top pivots along the length of the vehicle. One other Vixen type was produced, a raised roof "limo"- GM V6 powered.

I do believe that it is a Class A that was left in a drier on high heat to long.
Tom, might be a good neighbourly thing to point your friends to the Vixen Group on MSN, seems there are a few of them that share info, pix and parts for their Vixen Motorhomes. Here are some shots for your info.

Front view of Vixen 99

3/4 view of Vixen 99

With the top up

Front view of an 87 Vixen

Of course, once you have pointed them over there, make sure they bring all their new-found friends back here  LOL
condorman said:
It looks like an alien spacecraft to me.... ;D
It does look odd doesn't it. If you check out some of the pix on that MSN site you can see it has a lifting roof to give extra headroom near the sinks and stove. Cunning way to do it but it doesn't make me like it enough to consider one, or one like it.
Exterior showing roof raised
Interior looking back
Interior shot looking forward
How would you like to do the annual inspection and recaulking of that seal? Nightmares!

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