vegetarian sloppy joes

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Feb 9, 2005
Tried a new to me product and we enjoyed the resultant glop:
Fantastic brand vegetarian sloppy joe mix, found in the health food section of Safeway. 80 cal/ one fifth of a box. Instructions call for 12 oz water and a 6 oz can of tomato paste.

I started with a huge chopped onion and a chopped jalape?o pepper.
Nuke in microwave for 5+ min till soft.
Add official ingredients plus a drained rinsed can of beans ( I used salt free pintos). Nuke 5 more minutes, rest 3-5 min, serve.

I had some tostado shells, so used them with some shredded lettuce, black olive slices and slivered cheese. Regular buns have too much carb for me.

Russ is a very good cook.  I will try the vegetarian sloppy Joe when I can find it! But he really doctors it up well!

Betty Brewer
How could they call that glop, Sloppy Joes....There was no meat & no hamburger bun.? I had a TV dinner.<G>

I think they sound good, but then I don't eat red meat. You can also make very tasty sloppy joes with lentils...very healthy, too. Of course, I don't skip the bun but the tostada shell sounds like an interesting variation. Fantastic brand also makes a good vegetarian taco mix. And Morningstar's vegetarian burger crumbles is great for anything you use ground beef in.

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