verizon broadband card in quartzite az?

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I can't speak for Verizon, but I do know that my t-mobile card works in QZ.

If you attend a forum rally, there will be a number of forum members with satellite internet dishes who will share their connection with you.

If you really wish to be independent and have internet almost anywhere in the boonies, there will be a HughesNet certified installer at the rally. If you decide to go this way, click here and contact the installer privately ahead of time.
slumbert55 said:
will my broadband card work in quartzite az. does any know

I know Verizon's slow phone connection works. I can't speak for broadband, 1xrtt or EVDO. I use Sprint and have had 1xrtt there for a number of years. As Tom said, there should be at least a half dozen satellite setups there offering wi-fi connections.
I'm planning on using someone's at the Q providing the Boss let's me come. Cause I'm cheap but won't steal it.
Karl, that will work for the rally or while other forumites are around, but IIRC he's planning on spending the winter in QZ. That's why I suggested he might wish to investigate a HN dish system.
I used Verizon's 1X network at La Posa West last winter. There must be a repeater tower on the ridge just to the north because I always had a full four bar signal while we there.
Actually the Verizon 1x works very well and has nearly the speed of satellite.  So if you have the Verizon MOK you would not even need to use your card.  The big problem with Verizon 1x is not speed, but the time restriction.  I don't like having to wait until 9 pm (my normal bedtime) or getting up at 4am to beat the 6 am cutoff for free minutes.  Much more convenient to run my satellite and operate at normal waking hours.  ;D

If you have a wireless network card you will be welcome to piggy back off my satellite  ... along with many others there who also share.

For those there last year who had trouble logging into my wireless..  I replaced it with a new one and the log in problems went away.  Jeff C tested it out in Montana with no problems at all.
I work for verizon wireless. I just looked up our coverage with our map program and it indicates that you will get 1x coverage in quartzite which means speeds of about 100K. Not quite as fast as our broadband evdo network that runs 400-700K or higher in 181 us markets now. Let me know how it works there. If possible, run a speed test at or elsewhere. As a fellow rv'er and as a verizon rep I appreciate the info. I would like to make it out to a rally sometime soon, maybe set up a demo. Let me know if anyone needs anything, I can ship it out for free.

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Verizonrep... glad you are on this forum.  Hope you can make it to the QZ Rally.  We have a lot of Verizon users here and it would be great to have your assistance.
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