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Aug 21, 2005
Nashville, TN
We are new to rving...we know almost nothing about this new world we've entered! lol
It was nice to find this forum with so many helpful topics!

We have wanted an rv for as long as I can remember.  We bought our Georgie Boy Cruise Master a couple of months ago.  As it was older (1989), we knew there would be things to repair.  I had no idea there were so many replaceable parts in an rv!!!! lol ( Thus the nickname: MoneyPit)  By the time all is said and done I have no doubt we will have a brand new rv in an old shell. I'm kinda really hasn't been THAT bad!  We are only making short trips for the time being until we feel a bit more comfortable with the mechanical things working properly.

We have had the generator repaired several times. It ended up being a condensor...very minor, but something the repair shop didn't realize until after a few visits.  The roof air (DuoTherm Penguin) worked great...until now.  My question is this. Could the generator having problems have caused the AC to go out? The fan blows as it should, you can hear the compressor trying to kick on, but no cold air. It was working when we took it in for the last repair on the generator, but when we picked it up, no air. 

Thanks to anybody that may have a suggestion as to what could be wrong.
Hi Moneypit,

Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll find lots of answers to your questions. You may be spending some money on your RV but it's still less expensive that owning a boat!!! ;D

Can't really say what might be wrong with your A/C. Sounds like you have power to it so it could be a compressor problem. As far as the generator causing the problem, it depends upon what the generator was doing. Low voltage over a period of time can create problems from either source of power. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of A/Cs will jump in.

It's difficult to say if the generator work may have caused the problem or not.  a/c compressors need some rest time between cycles and it is likely the tech was starting and stopping the genset, perhaps with the a/c switched on to provide a working load.  He may well have stressed it severely.  However, your a/c has a delay circuit built in that is supposed to protect it from intermittent power by inhibiting a re-start for 60-120 seconds after it goes off. Normally this would be sufficient to protect it.

Low voltage at the a/c is a likely cause of your symptoms - it's the first thing an a/c tech would check.  Do you have the same symptoms whether on shore power or using the genset?

Did you promptly take it back to the shop that did the genset work and explain the problem?  An good shop should at least be willing to get the a/c tested to see if the problem is something they may have inadvertently caused.
Welcome to the RV Forum. You have found the right place to ask any questions relating to the RVing lifestyle.  Jim and Gary have already given you some good information regarding your AC problem.  Low voltage below 105 VAC can cause problems whether the source is the Genset or shore power.  Please keep us updated on what you fine with the AC problem.

Please join in any of the ongoing discussions or start new discussions.  We are looking forward to your participation.
Thanks so much for the warm welcomes.
The MoneyPit is on its way back to the shop today.  We are hoping it is the condensor (keep your fingers crossed).  I read somewhere that if it is the compressor we should just get a new AC. Anybody have an opinion on that?
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