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Apr 19, 2006
Hello folks! I just sold my 1988 Southwind and now the State of Florida wants a VIN Verification. Problem is I think the VIN plate might possibly have been covered by paneling. But for the life of me I can not pin down either Fleetwood or GM to tell me exactly where I might find another one, such as exactly where on the P-30 Chassis etc. Lot's of suggestions but I still can not find the damn thing. Does anyone know with 90-100% confidence where I will find either the original plate or a frame rail stamp or engine plate or something? PLEASE :) I'm dyin' here! I so need this thing to stay sold.....
Have you checked near the windshield above the dash on the drivers side.  Also should be on the weight tag usually near the drivers position.

Thank you for your response Ron, but yes I have looked in all the "normal places" one might find on a normal late model vehichle. There has bee paneling added just aft of the drivers door which makes me think the plate has been covered. So I'm actually looking for the back up number. I'm under the impression that as of 1987 there are supposed to be 14 different component/places on a vehichle that the VIN is to be stamped. I can't find one.

Go to your local 'chop-shop'. They know where all the numbers are ;D Seriously, perhaps the easiest place to find it, if not the most convenient, would be on the rear axle housing, somewhere near the pumpkin. Cylinder heads are also a good place to look.
Just call your local police department.  They are the ones who have to verify the VIN more than likely.  Their auto theft unit should know where to find  the engine and/or transmission numbers on most anything.  Those numbers contain what is called a "VIN DERIVITIVE" (Last six digits of the vin intact and a few other digits as well)

They may also know where to find the original vin and/or hidden vins on the vehicle... In the case of hidden vins they can not let you see where they are. but the public vin they can show you

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