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Feb 11, 2006
I have an original Marvel 110 volt refrigerator in a 1951 travel trailer. I want to be able to travel and camp with no hookups so I need a gas or gas/electric refrigerator. However, I want to make sure it looks vintage - preferably white enamel door vs. adding a wood panel that matches the interior. Any thoughts and suggestions on solutions would be appreciated very much. Thanks.
Try the Rv salvage yards - might find an older fridge in working condition. Or maybe an old  door that might be mountable on a newer model.

You can find a list of RV salvage yards in the Resources section of the home page - search on Salvage.
Thanks for the ideas RV Roamer.

Does anyone have any tips on successfully mounting an old door on a new refrigerator? If that can be done, I could have the '51 Marvel refrigerator door restored and mounted on the appropriate ne refrigerator.

Only two concerns in general. Getting the door seals to fit tight and a place to mount the hinges. The hinge mounts are usually just bolted or screwed on, so its a matter of finding a place solid enough to either tap threads or accessible enough to use nuts and bolts.  Seals (can you get repalcement seals for the old door?) are usually simple pressure fit, so as long as the existing sels meet up with a flat surface you should be OK.  Check the dimemnsions on the various size fridges currently available or tae your tape measure to the salvage yard if looking at used ones.

I wonder if the cooling unit in the old one can be replaced?  The technology for gas refirgerators didn't change much at all until several years ago (with the addition of a lot of electronics), so the basic unit might be replaceable with a more modern one, even though of a different brand. Replacements aren't cheap, though.

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