Visa Denied!

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Bruce Patterson

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Apr 10, 2005
Some where on the Third Planet from Sol, Milky Way
Yesterday, on her birthday, my fianc? went to the US Embassy in Brasilia to apply for a tourist visa.  Since the process for a permanant visa is long and sometimes difficult, she needs a tourist visa in order for her to accompany me on our honeymoon.  The wedding is July 9, and we are scheduled to leave Brazil for Houston on July 12.

According to our attorney, who sent an assosicate with her to the Embassy, the embassy staff were very rude to her, and she is now extremely upset.

We are going to try an other attemt at getting a visa by becoming legally married by a Judge on July 1st, a week before the actual wedding, and then making another application in person with me present and with our marriage certificate.  This is going to be expensive since it will require two flights to Brasilia or Rio for this addional interview.

Not good news!

Bruce :'(
What a bummer.  Did they give any explanation for their actions?  Sure hope you can get it resolved.  Course if you would have just had her cross the southern boarder illegally signed up for welfare everything would have just been fine. ;) ;)

Keep us posted on how it works out.


I certainly cannot prove it, but I would bet that we have a bigger percentage of our own citizens illegally getting some type of benefit than we do of illegals. 
I'm really sorry to hear that Bruce. I know from experience that the visa process is one big bureaucratic maze, compounded by the whims of individuals. It's possible that embassy personnel assumed your fiance was going to use the trip as a back door into the U.S. permanently, circumventing the "correct process". It's tough to discuss things rationally when you get to that point.

Hope your alternate strategy works.
Bruce Patterson said:
We are going to try an other attempt at getting a visa by becoming legally married by a Judge on July 1st, a week before the actual wedding, and then making another application in person with me present and with our marriage certificate.? Bruce :'(

Wedding Planning is extremely? stressful and your new business and visa requirements just complicate your plans even further.? But how about this?? Just think you will have been married twice in your 51 years and in such a short time frame.? You will have good stories to tell forever more.? Turn the challenges into? thoughts that? this test is all worth it.? What is it they say. All good things require some work?? I'm sure it will work out as you unfold the plans day by day.? I think it's kind of neat to be married before the wedding.? It should calm some of the nerves on the big day. And your new bride will have two anniversaries to celebrate !? Good luck with the bureaucrats.

With a July 4 anniversary
Actually, the civil ceremony is on July 1, at our new home, and the religious ceremony is on July 9th in the Catholic church.  I don't know which anniversary we will celebrate, probably the religious one.

The only reason for the civil ceremony is so that we can travel to Brasilia and try again with a second visa application.

I need to call the embassy to try to change the interview date from Aug. 1 to somewhere around July 4 to 8.

I'm collecting letters of reference and intend to attend the interview with her in person.

Bruce :'(
Good luck to you and your fianc? Bruce.  Is 9/11 part of the problem causing increased security?  I would think marriage would solve any such problem, but I know nothing about these things.  At any rate I wish you and your loved one a happy ending on this. 

I don't think 9/11 is much of the issue.? Of course I could be wrong, but relationships between our two countries are not all that great right now.? The main concern of the American officials is, "is she likely to stay there illegally, or will she return to Brazil when the visa expires?"? To make this determination, they refuse to consider any statements, guarantees, or recommendations of others.? They look only at her situation in a vacuum.? For example:? what are her ties to Brazil?? Does she have a job there? Children, Grandchildren? Own a house? Car? Etc. Etc.?

Sonia did not take a job after finishing her technical school because she is getting married instead and intends to travel with me.? She will qualify for a permanant visa once we are married, however presently her situation looks very un promising.? A permanant visa takes up to four months to process, which means she has to sit and wait in Brazil that whole time.

The INS does not consider breaking up newlyweds their problem.? They are simply trying to prevent illegal immiagration.? Trouble is, they have their heads on backwards.? We have litterally hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants being smuggled into the country.? When they are caught, if they turn out to be Mexican, they don't bother to arrest them or deport them.? Some get arrested on criminal charges, spend time in prision, get out on parole and have parole officers checking on them that know they are illegals yet they don't get deported.

Yet those who have legitimate reasons to come here have virtually no chance.? A tourist visa implies that you are just that, a tourist.? You have a good job, with a good salary and you are going on vacation.? From the way it looks, she would have a better chance of getting in by being smuggled through the mexican border and pretending to be mexican.? Only one problem.? she doesn't speak any Spanish!

Besides, we are trying to do everything legal.? Often it's impossible.? If I had waited for everything to be legal with my business, it would never open.? Most things are legal, but we are waiting on the buearocracy to process the paperwork for many of our required licenses. It's been two and a half years now since we started filing paperwork and there is no end in sight.? Of course that problem is with the Brazilian Govt.? I was actually surprised at how quickly I was able to buy a house, but I still have more paperwork to file to get the documents in my name, and that takes both time and money.

It's beginning to look like my bride and I are going to spend the first four months of our marriage separated.? The battle never ends. :'(

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