Wal Mart RV Parking Nix in Jamestown

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Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
Jamestown North Dakota considers outlawing RV parking at Wal-Mart.

Read about it    CLICK HERE

Is this a situation that is spreading and what can be done about it?
Steve said:
Jamestown North Dakota considers outlawing RV parking at Wal-Mart.

Read about it? ? CLICK HERE

Is this a situation that is spreading and what can be done about it?

Maybe everybody should start writing Jamestown city councel and merchants advising that if the law goes into effect Jamestown ND will be placed on the DO NOT VISIT list.
One of the reasons some cities are banning RV parking overnight at the Wal-Marts is because there are a few RV'ers out there that have ruined it for the majority.  They park, set out their lawn chairs, get out the grill, put out the awnings and put up their TV dishes and stay more than a night or two.  We ran into a situation in Tucson where the WM manager was encourging RV'ers to stay as long as they wanted with a week out once in a while now the city has banned overnite parking at that Wal-Mart.
Very true, but I think they are also getting a lot of pressure from local RV parks and Chambers of Commerce because of lost business. Ran into one WM in Waukesha last year that stopped RV parking - not because of RV'ers, but because lots of 18-wheelers were taking up too much space.
That is also true especially when the campgrounds aren't full, but on the other hand if the campgrounds would offer overnite parking for a minimal fee maybe with electric they might attract some of those Wal-Mart parkers.
Karl you certainly didn't let any grass/snow collect under your wheels on the way back to WI.  Glad to hear that you arrived back there ok.  How is Sue and say hi to her.
Very true; they're shooting themselves in the foot by not providing equally good service to overnighters. On a daily basis, we pay more $$$ than long-termers and get less in return. Checked the weather along the way and decided I could do without the OK and KS tornados they had predicted. I'll tell Sue you said hello, and more in an email.
Happy Easter!

Is this a situation that is spreading and what can be done about it?

In one word Boycott It's working very well in Nova Scotia. True there still are RV visitors but the number has dropped steadily by 20% per year when compared with the previous year.
It's only when the govt.'s and small business start missing the revenue of the  "new $$" to the area that they finally realize what they've accomplished.
How did it happen? well some idiot with the support of his fellow morons, at the request of lobbying camp ground owners past a law making it illegal for the traveling public to park an RV overnight anywhere overnight but in a campground. No doubt all were seeing $$$$ signs.
This all went over like a lead balloon and a boycott kicked in and grew. The sad part is the little shops along the way lost business, the government lost revenue, the gas stations lost sales and the campgrounds? well if they didn't lose any they sure didn't gain any either.
Now the fun started, the Prov. couldn't afford the cost of policing this, and neither could the police cite anyone unless they refused to move along. (this could only happen if the property owner complained to the police). The Police were not empowered to enforce the Tourism act because it's under the authority of properties acts and not the Dept of Justice.  There is also another law in another act which if someone is camping (there are regulations) on crown land, that no person/official has the right to interfere with their right to do so. Most politicians have no idea this regulation exists.
Now since the Govt. wouldn't enforce it the lobbyists decided to educate Wal Mart and other biggies (like Atlantic Shopping Centers Corp.) that they were breaking the law by allowing RV's to park overnight. Bingo the No Overnight Parking for RV's went up, they also informed the public as to the reason why. NS RV no overnight parking sign I also found out that the Province does not have the authority to make or enforce their law. So the name calling at the start of this post is justified.
To the best of my knowledge all those signs have been removed from all the NS Wal Marts, I've also been informed last Aug. that the signs put up by the Atlantic Shopping Centers have been removed also. It's been a long hard scuffle, I've been into it since Spring 2006. At this point I do not know if a municipality has the legal right to pass such legislation in a by-law, but one thing at a time, no doubt that will start as soon as the Prov. Gov't cleans up their illegal legislation. If you want to stop it you have to work at it, also RV'ers have to police themselves,(report the scoff laws and help convict) respect others properties.
Have to go cook our supper, I'm too long winded anyway  ;D
My complaint is that many State Rest Area's ban over nite RV Parking not to mention camping. I'm sure the trucking industry is happy with this.

If near a Cracker Barrel and room in back for us I will PARK and enjoy the best breakfasts in America.

My complaint is that many State Rest Area's ban over nite RV Parking not to mention camping. I'm sure the trucking industry is happy with this.

Harley, this is one rule I agree with.  Back in the 1960s we used to overnight at rest stops because many states allowed it, but they just started having too many problems with the practice.  After a number of tourists got killed at rest stops in Florida (out-of-state tags and rental vehicle insignias are dead giveaways) all the states started cracking down on the practice.  There was one rest stop in California that was frequented by people who really needed to take their predilections to a more private place instead of a place frequented by families.  This is one of those rules that truly is in the public's best interest and for their safety - especially those who are unfamiliar with the area or just are not very observant or careful.

It's like the rest areas that used to have RV dumps so people could empty their tanks.  You don't see them much anymore because it got too expensive to clean them out after people stuffed diapers and other debris into them.  Many people just don't use common sense!

harley man said:
My complaint is that many State Rest Area's ban over nite RV Parking not to mention camping...

Everyday when I drive to work on I-95, I drive by the remains of an old rest area.  It's nothing more than a 300-foot strip of asphalt set back from the road nowadays.  Twenty-five years ago when it was active, a couple visiting from Canada was murdered there one night.  I don't think they ever did find the killers.  That's why I'll never try to spend the night in a place like that...
Most of the state rest areas that I have seen post a limit on the length of time you can park. That limit is frequently 4 hours and occasionally 6 or 8 hours. Any of those are long enough for a nap. And who is it that is keeping time, on you?  ::)

That said, I do not use state rest areas for more than an hour of rest and or change of drivers. I made this decision many years ago, based upon personal experience. And, I have read the stories. The I-70 killer (serial killer) was one of the early ones. Don't know if they ever found him. Had a few personally unpleasant experiences that set me against staying in one of those for any length of time, and never at night. I look for a population of cars and trucks there, and then stop for a short period if there are enough people there.

Stopped, once, near Twin Falls, in a car. Wife got out to go to the restroom. I saw a man watching her, so watched him.  :mad: Sure enough, shortly later, he folllowed her. I got out, at once, (properly dressed for the occasion,) and followed him, moving as fast as I can move.  :mad: He wasn't in there for more than seconds when he came running out with a terrified look - ran to his car - got in and moved on. I tried to get the plate, but wasn't fast enough.  :(

She came out, shorty, and asked me, laughing, "Did you see his face?"  :D :D ;D

You see, she had been "properly dressed for the occasion," also! Several times on the way home, she would burst out laughing, again. She didn't much like rest stops, after that!  ::)

Don't know why! She sure was "entertained" that time!  :D  ::)

Ray D
Reminds me of a security expert.. He was explaining the problem with what folks do,and what they should do.

Normal sequence:
Wife hears noise,  Nudges her husband and wispers "honey, I hear something downstairs, I think we have a burgler" Husband gets up goes downstairs IN THE DARK, and.. Well.. bad things happen.

Expert's suggested sequence:

Wife hears noise,nudges hubby awake, wispers as above.


Now, understand they don't have a shotgun but one thing I'm sure of.. If there is a burgler in the house.. HE"S OUTTA THERE,  never mind the time to take to open the door, he's just running through, like on the cartoons.

Of course if it was just the cat knocking over a pan in the kitchen... No harm done.

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