Walker exhaust for Ford F53 chassis

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Mar 3, 2005
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The performance during the last 2 years with the factory stock exhaust on a 39foot, '96 Bounder with the Ford 7.5 liter engine was less than spectacular. Acceleration and hill climbing was a slow, frustrating chore due in large part to some severe necking down of the exhaust pipes in certain areas. While researching various alternative systems (Banks, Doug Thorley; both way too expensive), I happened upon a system made by Walker, a division of Tenneco. It's 3" i.d. with NO restrictions all the way back. Installed it this last summer but didn't have a chance to really try it out until this November's trip to Yuma. What a difference! ;D  Downshifting on steep climbs was minimal, and acceleration and passing improved quite noticeably. Installation was a snap with only a socket wrench, a sabre saw (to cut off the old system), and a Dremel Mototool to cut off the flared ends of the original hangars. Everything fit properly, and all the parts were there. Even came with a beautiful rectangular (rounded corners) chromed exhaust tip! I did call Tenneco and ask for another length (54") of 3" pipe to replace the resonator, and they sent one free; not even shipping charges. I used the stock manifolds and downpipes and removed the resonator completely. I will, however, install a new resonator as the new system is quite throaty and somewhat loud.

Having driven it now for about 2k miles, I can highly recommend it to anyone with the F53 chassis and, at less than $300, it's a pretty good deal to boot. Tenneco doesn't sell directly, but I bought mine thru Rock Auto and got excellent customer service. Kit part number is 22974 for the aluminized steel or 22973 for the stainless steel (about $80 extra).

Contact me if you have any questions, but I think I covered it pretty completely.
I just purchased a 93 Coachmen for a trip next summer.  It is a f53 chassis with the ford 460 engine.  Are you still happy with it?  And what kind of gains have you seen from it.
What did you get in that set up?  I went to the web site but it really doesnt give much info.  Does this fit from the cat converter back or from the headers?  Thanks
There is no cat. on the F53. Kit includes all pipes, clamps, hangers, muffler, heat shield, chrome exhaust tip. Replaces everything from the outlet of the resonator on back. If you go to the Walker Heavy Duty site, it has a drawing of everything included.

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