Walnut Point State Park, Illinois

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Howard Blake

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Jul 1, 2012
Danville, il
April and I just got back Wed. from our last outing for the year..We went to Walnut point State Park. This is one of the best state parks we have seen so far...We have been here from using a Pop up to a Tent to a Motor home. They offer Fishing, Walking, Boating (with troll motors only). The camp host Sandy is very nice and helpful.. They have Campsites also but you can also tent camp at and electric site also. The sites are well shaded compared to some of the other state parks we have seen so far in Illinois. In the spring if you fish there are Redear and Bluegill nesting and fun to catch and eat, Bass and Catfish. I think we ended up with over 50 lbs of catfish catching them everyday.
I HIGHLY recommend camping here.

Also when in Oakland stop off at B&C gas station. One of the last ( I think full service stations around). They also carry Worm, Wax worms, Chicken liver, etc. Very friendly people and tell Jen Hi, she is a great person.
For food visit
Steve & Shirley's
. 24 E Main St, Oakland, IL 61943
Friendly people also, they offer breakfast, lunch and Dinner, They were trying fresh cut frenchfries and I think they were a hit...

Agreed on Walnut Point, very nice indeed and a bunch of us RV'ers stayed there a couple years ago.  I've been very pleased with most of the camping facilities at IL state parks, that's where we did a fair amount of our camping for ~5 years.
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