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Jul 28, 2006
Burlington, IA
My name is Ken and I have an obsession to become a full time rver. If all goes well in 3.6 years my wife and I will become a full time rver. In the meantime I am researching etc. If I can find the right unit, fifth wheel, I plan on buying it next summer and do weekend camping. Look forward to a lot of reading.

Welcome to the RV Forum!

There are those among us who would like to be "over the hill rv'ers" in the literal sense i.e., being able to climb mountains with ease, but due to inexperience and/or bad advice, bought rigs that can't handle the Western mountains very well. Hopefully, we can steer you in the right direction or at least provide some answers to your questions and keep the sales people honest. Ask away!

Welcome.  I went through that - years of research, dreaming, planning.

Bought the Dodge One Ton in the fall of '03 and the Sunnybrook 5er on New Years Eve '03.  Retired spring '04.

Questions - ask away.

Graditious advice - which Karl alluded to... never believe an RV salesman or truck salesman about "sure you can pull this with that".  Get the numbers and run them yourself.  When you get into that, lot's of help available here.
Howdy Ken,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  I am sure we will be able to provide answers to your questions and give you some valuable tips so don't hesitate to ask those questions.  Thanks for joining us.
Hi Ken,

Welcome to the forum. We have been full timing for 9 1/2 years but not in a 5er. We have a 40' diesel pusher. Ask all your questions here. the advice you have been given about sales people is correct. Too many, not all, will tell you what you want to hear, not what is correct. We have a lot of experienced folks here that are more than willing to answer all your questions. Our library is also another source of great information.

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