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Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Here's an interesting concept -  RV Lotto.  It's a free lotto game where the prizes are RV related. It's intended to promote the products of the participating vendors, who donate the prizes.  The top prize is a $5000 RV shopping spree, which isn't too shabby considering there is no entry fee.  But you have to visit the vendors web sites to get your free lotto tickets...

See www.rvlotto.com

I wonder if it is just another way to obtain addresses for their mailing list.  I find that in most cases when it says free it really isn't.  Maybe I'm just suspicious.

I've tried it twice now and when I get to ticket no. 9, it completely blanks my monitor.  It takes quite an effort to get control back without a display.  I suspect they're using some activex control that isn't well behaved.  I'm not going there anymore.
It's free only in the sense of a lack of anymonetary cost.  You pay by lookiing at ads    :(  OTOH, that's no different than watching TV.

It's not worth it to me, but some (many?) people consider it a painless way to gamble.

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