warning light and alarm came on for the Kwikee Level Best Jacks

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May 11, 2013
I need some help! I have a 08 Winnebago Destination Freightliner chassis. The warning light and alarm came on for the Kwikee Level Best Jacks came on while driving. I pulled over and checked jacks, they were up. I turned on the control pad and hit auto up and the warning went away. Could this be just low fluid in the reservoir, and does anyone know where the reservoir is located?? This has happened twice now after raising jacks in the morning and driving for about an hour.
Since Powergear and Kwikee are made by the same company, I would look under the entry steps. That's where the reservoir was on my 2010 Journey. It does sound like a low fluid alarm. It happened to me a few times before I figured it out.

The entry steps on my Journey could be lifted by removing a 1/2 inch nut in the middle of each step. Not sure if it will apply to yours, but its worth a try.
Thanks for your reply. I looked under the steps but no reservoir! I'll keep looking! I ran the jacks up and down a couple times tonight, so we'll see what happens tomorrow! Thanks again!
Thanks for that info. Do you know where the reservoir is located for the jacks?

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