Warranty exchange on Koni shocks

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May 2, 2009
Northcentral Oklahoma
I installed a set of adjustable  Koni shocks on my 2004 Meridian 5-6 years ago and now one of the front ones is leaking fluid.  When I called Koni about it they said it was covered by their warranty but they no longer sold the adjustable, just the FSD ones.  I figured that was great assuming I'd receive new FSDs since I wanted to try them anyway and would even have paid the difference between the adjustable & the FSD if necessary  on the warranty exchange.  Today I receive the new shocks and guess what, they are the adjustable ones.

Should I call and ask why the adjustable ones or just keep quiet assuming I had no other choice and put the adjustable ones on.  I did the Advanced Replacement so I would still be able to use the coach until the replacements arrived then I have to send the old ones in to remove the charge from my credit card.  I guess I broke my own rule "Never Assume anything until it's fully explained".

I guess the main problem bothering me is if they no longer sell the adjustable shocks (and even Shox Store doesn't sell the adjustable either) what have I received.  Rebuilt, remanufactured, or previously returned ones.  Not sure which way to turn, any suggestions?
And they keep returns and rebuilts for that purpose as well.

I'm not sure what you are asking. Koni has lived up to their warranty commitment by sending an identical replacement part. For awhile it looked like you might have "lucked out" and got the newer FSD design, but it didn't happen.  You could contact them and ask if you can return those and pay for an upgrade, but as a minimum that will cost you return shipping and maybe shipping on the upgrade as well.  I think I would keep what I had, but that's me.
So they sent you a pair to replace ONE bad shock? I think you got pretty lucky there. I've never had a company agree to upgrade under a warrentee, because the warrentee would start over. On replacement parts the warrentee is only for the balance on the original. I'd use what they sent me, but the warrentee is not complete until you get a credit for the return. Call and see what they say, you may get a pleasant surprise.
Thought maybe a call Monday would be the thing to do.  As far as the warranty starting over, they state it's a lifetime warranty to the original coach owner so I don't think there's any starting over to contend with.

If one shock goes bad they replace them in pairs, that I was assured of.  Guess my main problem with this, and I am happy with the exchange, is if they had told me in the beginning they would be sending the adjustable ones as a replacement I would have questioned an up-grade cost at that time.  Don't know what their response would have been to that but when I was told there were no adjustable one any more I "assumed" (which a person should never do) that all they could replace with would be the FSDs.

We'll see what happens with the phone call.    It might be worth two shipping costs and the up-grade cost to be able to try the FSDs.
Called Koni yesterday and was told to send the new adjustable shocks back for exchange for the FSDs and all I'd have to do is pay the difference.  Will cost me that plus the shipping for the new adjustable ones plus the shipping when I send back the defective ones the warranty is for.  May work out to be a good deal since I did want to try the FSDs with all the hype I've been reading on the Forums about them.
Will post how the deal ends up when all is said and done.
Talk about service, that Koni is some company indeed.  I mailed the new adjustable shocks back to them on the 18th, they received them on the 21st (Friday) and even though they are closed all this week they managed to get the new FSD shocks in the mail the same day (Friday 21st) and even with the week-end and Christmas I received the new FSD shocks today.  When I called them Thursday the 20th to alert them the shocks would be there the next day I just commented it would probably mean a week or so delay then, but even without asking for special handling they must have done so anyway.  My Credit Card has been charged for the difference between the adjustable ones and the FSD.    Now all I have to do is get the old defective ones off the coach (even though I wanted to get them installed immediately it may be a week or two now with this 20-30 degree weather we're unexpectedly having ),  and mailed backed to them for the refund they charged to my credit card for Advanced Replacement instead of waiting to receive the defective ones first.  Only problem I can see with this procedure is they could refuse to warranty the old shocks and the customer would have to buy the new ones outright  but I enclosed two pictures of the leaking shock along with the Warranty Request form so hopefully everything is A-Okay there.
That's what I call service way above and beyond the call of duty.  Nice Christmas present.  Next week when they return to work I'll have to call Mason in the Warranty Department and tell him how much I appreciate his service.
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