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Feb 8, 2007
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I have had my 5er for about 2 1/2 yrs. It came with a washer/dryer in it. Tha washer started leeking and I am looking for a new one. I am not sure which one will work in the RV. I have a top loading one. But all I see at RV dealers are the smaller front loading ones. Does anyone know where or who I can get another top loading one from? I have looked on Whirlpool and Kenmore's websites. They have compact ones that will fit but they don't say if they will work in the RV.
Pretty much any one will 'work' in an rv. The main thing to consider is will it fit, and how much water/electricity will it use? Most rv'ers opt for a combination washer/dryer in one unit, while others like the stackable types; washer on the bottom, dryer on top. Can't speak for those types, but the Splendide washer/dryer combo is a popular brand. Advantages: It's a compact, one machine does it all unit, uses little water (important if you boondock), uses little electricity (if you don't use the drier). Disadvantages: Doesn't do full-size loads like a home type washer does, cannot wash and dry separate loads at the same time. I'm sure others will give their opinions too.
First and for most.  You do NOT need a new washer machine.  The water pump is failing.  The part is less than $50 and the repair man get the part for less.  Repair man and part should be $100.  No more than $150.  Which is probably less than what the delivery of a new one and disposal of the old one.  When the time does come to replace, the washers and dryers in a camper are house washer/dryers.  They plug into the 110 and hook up to the water supply just like at home.
I'm not sure how you came up with the leaking pump and replacement costs with the little information that was given.

Is it a stackable w/d or side-by-side? What brand/model washer is it? Can you determine where the leak is coming from?
Are you sure it can't be repaired.  At only 2 1/2 years old it may be a simple as replacing a seal or a hose.  For the cost of RV appliances it may be worth your time to have a qualified repairman take a look at it -- there's a good possibility you may save a bunch this way.
It is somewhat a stackable. But they are not connected. The washer can be taken out by itself. The Brand is a Whirlpool, I don't have the model number with me right now. It seems to be leaking around the seals. We had a guys look at it. He said it would not hurt to replace the bearings also. He agreed that it was the seals. Repair price $450 maybe a little more. About the price of one of the front loading washers that Camping world has, but the tub in mine is bigger. I pretty much live in my RV. I work construction and I take it with me almost everywhere I go. It is the best way to take my family with me. I can't believe I used to drag them around to different hotels all the time. Love my 5er, would not trade it for the world.
Sounds like you have a fair amount of laundry to do regularly.  So why not buy another Whirlpool (or Roper or similar model)? You won't get a lot of laundry done in the Splendide - it's barely adequate for a retired couple.

Seems strange the bearings have gone out on a 2.5 year old washer. They usually last 10-15 years.  Or is the washer older than that and you've merely been the owner for 2.5 years?
The Splendide 2100 has a 1.92 f3 capacity; not much smaller than the one he has now. Granted, you can't wash and dry at the same time, but you learn to do smaller loads more frequently. However, as he already has a stackable set, it makes sense to stick with it. BTW, Splendide does now make a stackable set, but it requires 24" width.
Karl said:
I'm not sure how you came up with the leaking pump and replacement costs with the little information that was given.

Because, except in the tub, the water pump is the only place water goes.  I have a Whirlpool washer, it's 11 years old.  I've replaced the pump, the transmission, the clutch, the dog bones for the upper part of the agitator, and the timer.  The pump went out when the machine was about 4 years old.  After getting the dryer out of the way, replacing the pump takes less than 15 minutes.  Cover fastener is a pair of springs, boom boom, the pump has two spring hose clamps that send water to the tub, and out to the grey water tank, pinch and move, pinch and move, and the pump is attached to the motor with two spring loaded clips, pop pop (the pump is right in front), pull the pump off of the shaft to the motor, eeeerrrr (may need to pry a little, the metal shaft rusts itself to the plastic pump), put a little lubricant on the shaft before installing the new pump, put back together the opposite from taking apart.  Wipe up your mess, wipe off the screw driver and the plyers (only two tools needed to do this job), start washing those clothes.
Also worth considering is water consumption. A top loader will consume about twice the amount of water as a front loader. In addition, front loaders generally wash much better and are more gentle on clothes. I don't know much about RV's, but I know about washing machines.  I used to work for AEG in a previous life.

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